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As You have seen on TV, We Proudly Introduce you
Shark Steam Pocket the As Seen On TV Steam Cleaning Steam Pocket Mop:

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Utilises Steam Power to clean all kinds of mess on your Hard-Surface Floors.
Simply fill it with Tap Water, Plug it in, and in just 30 seconds, you are ready to go!

Steam is the nature’s purest and most powerful cleaner for the safely cleaning of your home,
Without using any chemicals, so it is perfectly ecological, and also saves money spent on the costly abrasives.

Eliminates dirt instead of moving it around like traditional mops,
As the Patented Steam Power kills dust mites and bacteria.

The handle activates the steam pump, producing powerful "Steam as you Clean" technology.
The superheated steam breaks down the dirt instantly, and then the steam pocket pads, with its millions of microscopic steam-saturated fibres, lifts and locks the dirt inside.
The steam evaporates immediately leaving your floors dry almost instantly.

The Shark Pocket combines the power of hot steam cleaning with a triple action microfiber pad to loosen, lift and lock dirt in place.
It's Lightweight (5 lbs), easy to operate and Safe on all sealed hard floor surfaces, Including Wood, Vinyl, and Linoleum Floors.

The Pad features a Patented "Steam Pocket", that provides Twice the cleaning surface of a regular mop.

The Deep Cleaning System features Super-heated steam that loosens dried spills and ground-in dirt easily and sanitizes floors,
while killing harmful germs including e-coli.

The Steam Mop is very Easy to Maneuver, As the 180 degree swivel steering insure ability to reach the tightest spaces.
The Steam Pocket comes with Three Mop Heads in different shapes and sizes, that guarantee an easy accessible cleaning.

The Hassle-Free washable Micro-Fiber Pads simply lift and lock in dirt - no more struggling with messy mops & heavy buckets, pushing dirt around.
The Steam dries quickly, leaving floors dry and clean immediately.

The 30" Power Cord and the Extra Large Water Tank would allow you to clean more, and faster.

The Included Carpet Glider allows you to Fresh and Deodorize your carpets, while capturing surface dirt.

The Shark Mop is Enviromental, as it is Non-toxic, leaving no chemicals behind, making it Pet and child friendly.

What would you get when you buy the Shark Steam Pocket?

  • Shark Steam Pocket Steamer
  • 3 Mop Heads: Rectangle, Triangle and Large Open-Area Mop head.
  • 4 Microfiber Machine Washable Pads: 1 Steam Duster Pad, 1 Rectangle Pad, 1 Triangle pad, and 1 XL rectangle pad.
  • Carpet Glider
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Euro Pro Shark Steam Pocket Mop Dimensions are: 6" deep, 12" wide, 51" high.


Our Customer Reviews:

"The assembly of Pocket was a piece of cake, simply snap the 3 pieces together,
Fill it with water and you're good to go.
I can clean all the floors in my house (whice is 2,800 sq. ft.) in less than an hour and they are spotless!
I have a variety of flooring also-hardwood, laminate, and tile. The Steam pocket Cleans equally well on all surfaces and does not streak at all. It glides easily across all surfaces and the swivel head makes cleaning in tight spots just so easy!
I had also cleaned my garage floor with it and I cannot believe the dirt that it picked up!
I would definitely recommend getting this mop, as It does a great job cleaning and will make your life much easier!"

"This product is unbelievable. I used it on hardwood and ceramic tile, and the results are amazing.
I've used Murphy's Oil Soap on my hardwood for years, and Steam pocket mop cleaned much better, and left absolutely no residue.
I was equally pleased with the end result after cleaning my ceramic tile. It's also FAST a quick vacuum, hit the floors with this thing, and you're set!"

"I've tried multiple steam mops prior to this one (bissell, steamboy) and have returned all of them to the store for one reason or another.
I was skeptical trying another one, but this one looked to have some nice features. I have to say that the steam pocket is is by far the best steam mop that I've used. The Large water reservoir allows you to mop a large area without refilling.
This is the ONLY steam mop I've tried that works as advertised as far as steaming the floor. All of the others left the floor soaking wet, but not this one.
It cleans amazingly and dries very quickly. Cleaned my whole kitchen, dinette, foyer, and bathroom and only needed to use one side of the two-sided pad, so the other side is ready for the next use."

"I live in Arizona where the daily dose of dust on my laminate wood floors is just impossible to control.
I also have a toddler and two dogs, that make keeping the floor clean a struggle, So I was on the lookout for something to help.
I have never owned a Steam mop, so I was realy starting from scratch, and this model seemed to have so many more features, including the swivel head and the triangular shaped mop head, so I've decided to buy it, and I'm so glad that I did.
Now, quick cleaning of the floors every few days is not a huge hassle (it takes less than a minute for the mop to heat up), and I feel like I am really getting the floor clean without dousing it with dirty water or cleansers.
Also, it only takes a few moments for the floor to dry afterward, that is much less than with a regular old water mop.
I don't find anything flimsy about it, and it's comfortable to use. After a few months of use, I find that this product was well worth the cost."

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